Seeking an Accompanist
 Rehearsals are held in the Oakland area on Tuesdays from 7-9 pm
Performances are arranged throughout the year at retirement places, with theater groups, and at funerals. 
We have one public concert each year. 

Our group has been in existence since 2003, has traveled out of country to perform, and is always on a learning curve
seeking more and more challenging music. We are a close-knit, hardworking, music loving, group. 

The accompanist, besides having good musical and sight reading skills, must be able to help out with part rehearsals, 
exercise patience with repetition, and definitely have a sense of humor. 

Welcome to the homepage of the Rockridge Chorale based in Oakland, CA since 2003.

We invite you to look around, listen to some Music and see Videos of us in concert.

 We are always open to new ideas and new members. 
Feel free to share any comments or questions that might be on your mind through our online Contact page. 

"Singing is therapy for yourself; just singing feels good, and then you double the joy when you sing to somebody who is just like a sponge taking in the joy, and you can feel that sharing of joy,
In addition you get to meet some nice people and get a chance to contribute something that you wanted to do and never did before."
Devi Jameson,
Choir Director, Rockridge Chorale